SUPER-BOWL is the name of a project by the design studio Starting in 2011, they invited ten designers and artists to design a printed graphic for their porcelain bowls, which were produced in a limited edition of 30 signed pieces. Due to the big success they continued in 2012 by inviting again 10 other artists: Štepánka Bláhovcová, Marie Hladí- ková, Pauline Kerleroux, Krištof Kintera, Richard Loskot, Monsters, Tereza Neumannová, Michal Pechouček, Jan Šerých, Mark Ther In addition they also launched a new collection called "PAAR". This time they invited ten couples that work together in the creative industry. Their task was to design sandblasted graphics on the topic "drinking wine in two persons" for a pair of wine glasses. The glasses themselves were also designed by a couple: Karolína and Pavel Kopriva.

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SUPER-BOWL Kollektion

SUPER-BOWL Kollektion

"PAAR" Kollektion